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COSAC 1 Metropolitano Bus System 

Alpha Insures, as a founding member of Scheman Strum Transport Peru LLC, is working with the transport operators of Lima'€™s high capacity bus transport system, the government€™s development bank, and the Municipality to improve and expand the existing natural gas fueled bus system. This expansion will increase the number of passengers using this service from 600,000 per day to over 1,000,000 per day, in a city having over 10,000,000 residents.


Alpha Insures Inc. and Gold Screw Trommel

Gold Recovery Trommel 
Eliminates the use of cyanide or mercury in small-scale gold mining operations

Alpha has an agreement as a distributor with the USA producer of this specialized equipment. This equipment will improve work conditions and the output and earning capacity of artisanal gold miners. It also creates greater efficiency in the recovery operation and eliminates the need for the miners to use cyanide which has destructive effects on the environment.

This machine:
  • Accepts material up to a tennis ball size at a rate of 2 yards / hour.
  • A proven gravity-fed, hydraulic, self-cleaning revolving trommel/sluice used to recover gold unlike any other machine in its class. 
  • The only trommel on the market that doesn’t require a sluice to clean in order to collect concentrates.
  • The logical solution for processing large quantities of unclassified material, quickly and easily.
  • The panner at the final step is capable of separating out gold as fine as 150 mesh at a 96-98% recovery rate.

to see the Trommel in operation.
Inefficient recovery system
Efficient recovery system